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China Extends Military Exercises as Taiwan Battles Cyberattacks

Alastair MacGibbon spoke with The Wall Street Journal on growing concerns about China’s ability to interfere with Taiwan’s cyber infrastructure as geopolitical tensions continue to rise.

Another Kiwi company calls for clampdown on TikTok and its data harvesting

Katherine Mansted spoke with Newshub on the need for regulators and governments to give TikTok's storage and access of users' data greater scrutiny.

AUKUS ‘much more than subs’: ex-US security chief

The AUKUS agreement could transform Australian hi-tech and defence technology but nuclear-powered subs may take longer than expected, Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) told The Australian.

National Press Club Address

Admiral Michael Rogers, former U.S. National Security Agency Chief and member of CyberCX’s Global Advisory Board, addressed the National Press Club on the topic 'Russia and China: Geopolitics and the New Global Cyber Challenge'.

Admiral Michael Rogers on national and cyber security

We've built an entire lifestyle and economic model around uninterrupted and continued connectivity, but what happens when we can't access that? Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) joined ABC's RN Breakfast to share his insights on cyber technology and national security.

Something phishy about ‘highly sophisticated’ cyber attack that’s not after money

Australian government, healthcare and energy are among the sectors being targeted by a massive phishing campaign identified by cyber security experts at CyberCX, who say the group behind the attacks is “an at least moderately resourced threat actor with sustained intent to target Australian organisations”.

CyberCX New Zealand strengthens local capability with acquisition of Consegna.Cloud

CyberCX has strengthened its position as a market leader for cloud security and solutions, with the acquisition of cloud specialist companies Tracer Cloud and Consegna Cloud.


Why you should never post photos of your boarding pass

In an interview with, Adam Boileau warns many travellers are forgetting how much information is hiding in plain sight on their boarding pass.

Russia-Ukraine war and the state of cyber

While the suffering of the people of Ukraine remains the most pressing issue around Russia's invasion, this war also has implications for global cyber security.

NZ at increased risk from pro-Russian cyberattacks, hackers, CyberCX says

New Zealand is on the radar of cyber attackers and shouldn’t be fooled into thinking it is protected due to geographical isolation, Adam Boileau told Stuff.

Australia's electricity grid increasingly vulnerable to hackers via solar panels, smart devices

Alastair MacGibbon told ABC News the risks were growing as the electricity system became more complex.

The Russia-Ukraine cyberwar explained

Katherine Mansted joined Download this Show to explore the Russia-Ukraine war in cyberspace - from DDoS attacks, to disinformation, to censorship. What impact might it have on the conflict in the real world?

National Security Podcast: Consequences of Russia’s war on Ukraine

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Katherine Mansted joins industry guests to discuss initial reactions to the unfolding conflict in Ukraine.

Cyber Realism in a Time of War

It turns out that the next war was not fought in cyberspace after all. Or at least the start of it has not been, writes Ciaran Martin in this opinion piece for Lawfare.


International hackers answer Ukraine's call to launch cyber operations against Russia

The digital skirmishes between Ukraine and Russia could impact Australia in two ways, Alastair MacGibbon told ABC News.


CyberCX appoints Karina Mansfield as Managing Director of Phriendly Phishing, announcing substantial investment and global growth

CyberCX, Australia and New Zealand’s leading cyber security services provider, announces appointment of Karina Mansfield...

Russia invasion of Ukraine: New Zealanders should be wary of potential disruption from cyberattacks

New Zealand's security services have warned businesses to be ready for impacts to the country's computers and networks from the escalating conflict in Ukraine, writes Adam Boileau.

Russian cyber attacks could inadvertently hit Australia, warns government cyber agency

Australian cyber security firm CyberCX issued a new threat advisory warning that the threat to Australian and New Zealand firms has "materially increased" due to the conflict in Europe.


Cyber security ‘higher on the agenda’ amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

Alastair MacGibbon spoke with Sky News Australia on the cyber risks to Australian organisations of ongoing Ukraine-Russia tensions.

Cyber soldiers and the final frontier will influence the next war. Is Australia ready?

Cyber offensive capabilities will prove crucial in the next war. Katherine Mansted spoke with the Sydney Morning Herald about Australia’s readiness to fight online.

Experts call to educate ordinary Australians over foreign interference

Katherine Mansted spoke with ABC Radio National about the growing number of foreign intelligence operatives using social media and dating apps to recruit Australians with...

CyberCX expands its New Zealand capability with acquisition of Cyber Research NZ Limited

Australia and New Zealand’s leading cyber security services provider expands its trans-Tasman capability with the acquisition...


Essential services at risk as local governments face escalating cyber threats

A new report from CyberCX identifies key cyber threats facing local government organisations across Australia, including...

Why a cyber security expert thinks people are turning away from social media giants

Alastair MacGibbon spoke with 2GB’s Mark Levy about online and social media scams.

The sad (and frustrating) reality about scam texts and calls

Scam texts and calls are on the rise. Alastair MacGibbon spoke to 3AW Melbourne's Neil Mitchell, saying that unfortunately there is...

Defend, deter, disrupt: Ending the scourge of cybercrime

How do we create more resilience to cyber risk across the economy? As the threat landscape continues to deteriorate, there has never been...

You have been hacked

Jana Dekanovska featured on Aesthetic Medical Practitioner discussing how to protect business and patients from ransomware and cyber extortionists.

Cyber extortion attacks more than doubled in first half of 2021: new guidance from CyberCX

CyberCX has today released guidance for organisations across Australia and New Zealand on how to...

The 100th National Security Podcast - what can we learn from 2021?

Katherine Mansted joined the 100th National Security Podcast to explore the big events from the last 12 months and analyse how...

Inside the security breach throwing the IT world into a panic

Adam Boileau spoke with The Spinoff about the widespread implications of the Log4j vulnerability, which has “set the internet on fire”.

‘Open secret' NZ has offensive cyber capability, security firm says

Adam Boileau spoke with about what could be done to take some of the fight back to cyber criminals in the face of a ransomware “pandemic”.

In pursuit of the secure board

Alastair MacGibbon joined The Secure Board in this episode to discuss the role of directors in cyber security governance.

PM is promising to ramp up investment in critical future technologies

Alastair MacGibbon spoke with Patricia Karvelas on ABC Radio National Drive about the Australian government’s recently...

Ex-security chief: we have privatised our cyber security. The winners are the hackers

Ciaran Martin wrote for Prospect Magazine about the state of cyber security in 2021 and the need for a sustained effort across...

ISO 27001

CyberCX is delighted to report that we have achieved certification against the International...

CyberCX named Leader in ISG’s 2021 Provider Lens™

CyberCX has again performed well in the annual Information Services Group (ISG) Provider Lens...

CyberCX appoints former head of UK National Cyber Security Centre Ciaran Martin to Global Advisory Board

CyberCX today announced it has appointed Ciaran Martin, former Chief Executive of...

CyberCX drives US growth and investment plans with senior executive appointment

CyberCX has appointed leading cyber security executive, Larry Letow, to drive its US expansion...

In conversation with Tim Watts MP with Alastair MacGibbon.

CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer Alastair MacGibbon is joined by Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) for an in-depth conversation...

In conversation with Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) and Alastair MacGibbon

CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer Alastair MacGibbon is joined by Admiral Michael Rogers (ret.) for an in-depth conversation...